Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for Biz in Poland Events

Version 1.0, March 2023

1. Introduction and background

Biz in Poland Events, part of Biz in Poland and the company Søren Christensen  (hereafter Biz in Poland Events) offers events such as webinars, online workshops at www.events.bizinpoland.com (hereafter the website) and also ticket sales for offline workshops all those events are for people and companies who are doing business in Poland or would like to do business with Polish companies(hereafter clients) for a fee but also now and then for free. Biz in Poland Events may reject an order without reason. These conditions as well as Biz in Poland Events’s cookie and privacy policy, which together constitute Biz in Poland Events’s terms and conditions, applies to all clients with whom Biz in Poland Events enters into an agreement for access to webinars workshops material. By becoming a client, the Client accepts these conditions.The conditions can only be deviated from by written agreement.

2. Client, login and access to the website

Each Client receives per e-mail sent username and password, which must be used to log in to the website’s client area. Each Client gets access to their own profile page. Username and password are confidential information and must be stored and treated as such. The Client may not sell, transfer or otherwise give third parties access to or use facilities or content in the area of ​​the website reserved for Clients. All use of the service is also at your own risk.

3. Registration, payment payment card information and ticket(s)

Upon an order and/or registration, the Client will pay a fee to attend the webinar workshop or other events on the website unless it is for free. The ticket and payment handling is encrypted and done via Fienta via external links to https://fienta.com/ where Biz in Poland Events has an account.

At https://fienta.com/ the Client can pay for Biz in Poland Events services with Credit and debit cards or bank transfer. All payments must be in Polish Zloty unless it says otherwise under the specific event page or if it is agreed between the Client and Biz in Poland Events.

Upon registration, the Client gives Biz in Poland Events consent to that https://fienta.com/  can handle the Clients cards incl. the Clients bank information for the fee for the event plus handling sending the ticket(s) and allowing them to use the email address that the Client has provided when purchasing the ticket for the specific event. It is a one time payment per event unless it is mentioned in writing under the specific event page on events.bizinpoland.com.

When the transaction is made Fienta will send out the ticket(s) to the email address that the Client has provided. If it is an online event the Client will also receive a second mail from Biz in Poland Events email address info@bizinpoland with the link to the online event plus details regarding it. If it is an offline event the Client will also get a second email from info@bizinpoland.com about that specific event.  Please notice that You are not allowed under any circumstances to share any paid events. Your ticket(s) are strictly personal!

4. Biz in Poland Events’s services

Biz in Poland Events’s services in the form of login information per e-mail, access to the website’s Client area, tickets handling etc. is generally delivered within a few minutes of registration and successful card transaction.

5. Cancellation of events and changes, postponing – refunding 

Biz in Poland Events can at any time cancel any of its events  and if so the Client will get a 100 percent refund and be informed about the cancellation via email and asap. If possible the Client will firstly be offered to attend that event on a later date and therefore no refunding will occur. The Client can either accept that or refuse it. If it is refused by the Client she/he will get a refund. It must always be via emails from both parties to/from info@bizinpoland.com.

If during an online event it crashes due to technical problems etc. only caused by Biz in Poland Events or third parties or if the hos(s)t and/or speaker(s) of the event becomes sick during the event etc. then a full refund will be provided unless it is at the very end of the event. 

The same goes for offline events organised by Biz in Poland Events but if it should be held offline in a place not owned by Biz in Poland Events the Clients will “only” get 85 percent of the fully amount refunded due to the expenses that needs to be covered by Biz in Poland Events

If the Client cancels an online or offline event 24 hours or more before the event will take place she or he will either be offered to hold on the ticket(s) for a new date for the same kind of event. If the Client refuses, he or she will get 85 percent of the paid amount refunded because expenses need to be covered. 

Also therefore if the Client cancels within 24 hours until the event will be held and he or she refuses to hold on the ticket(s) for a later event date then there will not be any refund due to the expenses Biz in Poland Events is having. Read more regarding refund for the Client etc.below under paragraph 14.

Please also notice that Biz in Poland Events can not be held responsible for any technical issues etc that will make it impossible for the Client to attend the events when there is an error on the Client’s side etc.

Furthermore Biz in Poland Events can at any time make changes to part of the events and Biz in Poland Events will in that case inform the Client about it asap.

6. Use of technology

Biz in Poland Events uses various techniques and software from third parties to continuously monitor activities on the website, including all communications, which are continuously read and logged. Cookies are also used on the website with the aim of providing Clients with a better user experience. By signing up, the Client consents to Biz in Poland Events’s use of such technology.

7. Rights, Copyright and Ownership

All content on events.bizinpoland.com, including texts, source codes, software, sound, photographs, graphics, images, logos, trademarks, videos, page layout, design, questions and answers on Biz in Poland Events’s forum on Facebook, etc., is protected by legislation and belongs unconditionally Biz in Poland Events (or a third party), and by agreeing on becoming a Client and attending the event(s), the Client transfers his or profile information, photo, comments and other data as well as the rights thereto to Biz in Poland Events. The transfer and use are without a time limit. The Client has permission to use the Biz in Poland Events’s logo or other characteristics, if the Clients fee has been paid for and the Client otherwise follows Biz in Poland Events’s guidelines for this.

8. Prohibition against copying

The Client must not copy or record content reserved for Clients. Violations will be prosecuted according to the law in Poland.

9. Ratings and reviews

Biz in Poland Events may allow each Client to rate the events and their instructor(s) according to specific guidelines. Such assessments must be factual and relevant. The Client is not entitled to Biz in Poland Events publishing such assessments.

10. Consent and processing of personal data

The Client gives consent for Biz in Poland Events to store and process the person’s personal data, including identification information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail addresses, etc.), card number, NIP number or other VAT numbers and other information that is naturally associated with using Biz in Poland Events services including the events. The consent also applies in relation to Biz in Poland Events’s possible subsidiaries and other group-affiliated companies as well as in relation to private data controllers with whom Biz in Poland Events has or may enter into an agreement regarding the processing of personal data (for example, but not limited to, web hotels, automation and mail providers, providers of chat functions, providers of bookkeeping and accounting as well as advertising providers (e.g. Facebook or Google) as well as in the case of certifications of Clients.In addition, the information is not passed on to third parties.

11. Consent to the processing of other information

The Client gives consent for Biz in Poland Events to process other information about the Client that is naturally connected to the offered events etc on the website, including customer number, username, password, IP address, login, login times (year-month-day-hour-minute) and other interactions with Biz in Poland Events’s server, including copying texts and images, login frequencies as well as activity and responses on Biz in Poland Events’s forum on Facebook. The information is not passed on to third parties besides of course Facebook because it is their platform and the same goes for Fienta.

12. Consent to marketing per e-mail

The Client also consents to Biz in Poland Events being allowed to send emails, including marketing of own or third-party products or services. The Client must also provide, and throughout the Clientship period have, a valid e-mail address that can be used for communication with Biz in Poland Events. Emails from Biz in Poland Events are not encrypted.

13. Consent to use of references

Biz in Poland Events has the right to use the Client’s name and company as a reference, including in marketing campaigns. This right applies without a time limit.

14. 60-days money back guarantee and Client cancellation

Biz in Poland Events has a 60-days money back guarantee. If the Client is not satisfied with Biz in Poland Events’s services, she or he can make use of the right of a full or partly refund. It must be as soon as possible and no later than 60 days after the purchase of the event and be done per e-mail to info@bizinpoland.com

Also if you have bought the ticket(s) for the event and before it takes place you decide you will not attend it any why then just write me on the email above and you will get a full refund. For details regarding this see paragraf 5 above.

If the event has been held and you are not satisfied with the service then you can use the  60-days money back guarantee as described in the first paragraph of this section 14. 

But please notice: it must be a very detailed written and well argumentation why a refund should take place. It is fx.not enough just to write that you did not like the voice of the host or fx. if it was about one subject and then you are complaining about a totally different subject not even related to that specific event. But otherwise you will of course be entitled to a refund for sure.

15. Disclaimer

Biz in Poland Events (events.bizinpoland.com) and thereby also it´s owner Søren Christensen, is in no way responsible for the accuracy and usability of the website’s available information, regardless of its nature. Because details in laws fx. can have changed without the owner’s knowledge due to the fact the owner is not a lawyer or accountant etc.

All use of events.bizinpoland.com, including download, access and use of the information made available on events.bizinpoland.com or offline, is the user’s own responsibility and at his or her own risk. Biz in Poland Events can under no circumstances be responsible for your use of the website as well as its content.

Biz in Poland Events and its owner disclaim any responsibility for direct, indirect, incidental and consequential damages, lost profits, lost opportunities or other loss or damage as a result of you having acted in accordance with information related to Biz in Poland Events websites, social media etc. or Biz in Poland Events, possibly employees or network.

Links to other websites are provided as a service to the users of Biz in Poland Events. Biz in Poland Events has no responsibility for the content of third party websites that may be linked to on Biz in Poland Events except bizinpoland.com and bizipolen.dk that is the Danish version of bizinpoland.com

16. Complaints

Complaints must be made in writing with a specific indication of which errors or deficiencies are objected to.

17. Violation

In the event of a significant breach, each party may terminate the agreement with 14 days’ written notice. Non-payment is always considered material default.

18. Force majeure

The parties’ obligations under the agreement are postponed due to force majeure, by which is meant conditions that are beyond the parties’ control and which the parties should not have taken into account when concluding the agreement.

19. Other provisions

The Client content is either accessed from a browser for the online webinars and workshops or at a location provided and informed about by Biz in Poland Events before the event takes place. The Client himself must provide access to a browser that enables him or her to log in to the website or link with the provided username and password and display the Client content there. Biz in Poland Events is not responsible for technical conditions that prevent the Client from being able to access on the receiving end the content that Biz in Poland Events provide. Biz in Poland Events’s events are an offer for both businesses and consumers. 

20. Disputes and venue

Any dispute between Biz in Poland Events and the Client must first be settled by negotiation. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the dispute must be settled by the courts according to Polish law at the court in Warsaw, Poland as first instance.

21. Provider of the service

Biz in Poland Events is offered by the firm Søren Christensen under NIP number 7010178625 

Contact Information:  Ul. Puławska 12/3, 02-566 Warszaw, Poland Mail: info@bizinpoland.com Owner and founder Søren Christensen can be reached on mobile: +48513474209 or the mail above.

Web: events.bizinpoland.com bizinpoland.com and the version in Danish bizipolen.dk

22. Changes to the Biz in Poland Events Terms and conditions

Biz in Poland Events reserves the right to continuously change the Terms and conditions without notifying the Clients separately. Biz in Poland Events Terms and conditions applicable at any time will appear on the website or will be sent to the Client by email and applies prior to all previous versions of Biz in Poland Events Terms and conditions. All Clients are encouraged to continuously keep informed of changes to the conditions.

23. Copyright

These Biz in Poland Events Terms and conditions are copyright protected and may not be copied without the prior written consent of the author. Violations will be prosecuted.

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