What is Fienta and welcome to Biz in Poland Events

What is Fienta and welcome to Biz in Poland Events

I am happy that I now can welcome you to a new service from Biz in Poland called Biz in Poland Events! Biz in Poland Events offers webinars, workshops and other events all related to doing business in Poland and the Polish market. You can get more details about it under fx.the F.A.Q page or under each event. As a part of my customer service I am offering a 60 days money back guarantee! More info about that elsewhere on the website.

Fienta and Biz in Poland Events

When you want to attend any event organised by Biz in Poland Events you need to have a ticket and it doesn’t matter if it is free or not or online/offline plus what kind of event it is.

Therefore Biz in Poland Events is using a ticket system provider that also is handling the encrypted payment as well. So when you click buy then you will be automatically redirected to Fientas website.

The reason that Biz in Poland Events is using Fienta is that it is easy to use and provides many options also for you as a Biz in Poland Events customer and not this is not sponsored by Fienta but could be (if you are reading this, Fienta).  

What can you expect to read on this blog

You might also like to know what you can expect regarding blog posts on this Biz in Poland Events blog besides practical info regarding use of the website and new events. The blog posts will of course be related to the Polish market and the issues there can be regarding doing business in Poland and/or with firms in Poland.

So it is a very good idea to sign up for the newsletter and also follow Biz in Poland on the different social media platforms including the FREE business community on Facebook Business in Poland Mastermind. Just please remember to accept the group rules when you are requesting to become a member of the group where you will get exclusive discounts and information! Thank you in advance and stay tuned for more knowledge about business in Poland including new workshops and webinars. 

Biz in Poland’s other services are still available 

This new event service offer regarding workshops and webinars does of course not mean that Biz in Poland’s other services are not still available. They are and you can read more about them on the main website.

That also includes the offer regarding lectures if you prefer the webinars to be a lecture instead. There are more details on bizinpoland.com and you can of course always contact me for further information regarding it or any of my services that I am offering.

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60 days money back guranteed webinar and workshops business in Poland
Biz in Poland events – your key to the Polish market!

Learn from Søren Christensen and his many years of experinces on the Polish market via fx. webinars or workshops. It will save your firm from many problems and also save you money!

Need my business consultation ? Then contact me and you can also read more on bizinpoland.com or Biz i Polen if you speak Danish.

Your key to the Polish market

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